Retreats & Hosting

Specializing in the Chakras & Hosting Retreats 

Yoga Programs for Resorts & Boutique Hotels

Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin/Restorative, Chakra, Pranayama, Meditation, Cardio Barre

Public, Private, Corporate, Group Vacations, Workshops, Surf Camps, Specialized Retreats

Designing classes based on an individuals Chakra Balances


500 HR Chakra Yoga & Healing - Pyramid Yoga Center, Thailand

200 HR Hatha Yoga  & 20 HR Restorative Yoga Therapy - Yoga Garden, San Francisco

100 HR Life Coaching - Yandara Yoga Institute, Baja Mexico

100 HR Tantra & Shamanism - Durga Tiger School, Ecuador

Ascension Meditation First Sphere - Byron Bay, Australia

Cardio Barre - YogaWorks, San Francisco

Thai Yoga Bodywork - Purusha Yoga, San Francisco

numerous workshops on meditation, science of yoga, ayurveda, chakra system, escential oils, anatomy, team building and more


Past Life Regression


By accessing your subconscious we will discover past lives and uncover answers about your life purpose, love & relationships, career, health, phobias and more.

Jenna teaches classes, workshops and retreats all over the world


Zazen (San Francisco), Heliotrope Tech (Alameda, CA),Encanta la Vida (Costa Rica), Finca Bella Vista Treehouse Community (Costa Rica), YogaFarm (Costa Rica), Pyramid Yoga Center (Thailand), Matanivusi Surf Resort (Fiji), Namotu Island Resort (Fiji), aganoa surf lodge (Samoa), Two Brothers Surf Camp (Nicaragua), Surfari Charters (Nicaragua) and Magnific Rock Popoyo (Nicaragua), SUYO (Nicaragua). 


  • is a trained Actress and writes music and literature

  • declined an acceptance to Harvard

  • witnessed James Brown pull her Grandma from an audience of thousands to dance with her on stage

  • studied Opera in Vienna, Austria

  • first recipient of the Theodore Mann Talent Scholarship to Circle in the Square Theatre School in NYC

  • won her very first surfboard through an Instagram post  

  • loves Harry Potter & Game of Thrones