Specializing in bringing Yoga to Surf Resorts & Unique Boutiques

Provide a service which is now becoming expected in any vacation setting

  • Option to Outsource Wellness/Yoga Retreat Booking Management to us

  • One-time placements, seasonal & annual partnerships

  • Consultation and Advice

  • Grow & Develop your Yoga Program

  • Find the right teacher for your location(s)

  • Yogi & Schedule Management

  • Already have a yoga program established? We'll take over the responsibility of finding your teachers

“Yoga added so much to our Surf Lodge. By the end of the week many people expressed how grateful they were to have yoga a part of their vacation. It gave our non surfing guests a reason to join their husbands and having another person on staff to help entertain, maintain a positive environment and be an extra hand to help with our staff was priceless. I highly recommend Global Yoga Services. Their yoga program will improve any business without a doubt. ”
— Alex Pundyk Vice President of Operations Pegasus Lodges & Resorts
“ Our Yoga Program created so many opportunities for our business. The service Jenna provides is professional, she is extremely knowledgable and has the connections in her field. If you are looking to expand your business by offering a yoga program, we recommend Jenna without hesitation.”
— Amy Marino - Manager. Finca Bella Vista Lodge, Costa Rica
Plugging yoga into our surf lodge was extremely beneficial. We received more bookings and retreat inquiries. GYS has the knowledge, experience, passion and connections. Highly recommended!
— Kate Waters, Manager Encanta la Vida Surf Lodge, Costa Rica


Give your guests another reason to choose your resort over your competitors

Bring outside clientele in to take class which will increase your revenue and reputation within your community

Increase your bookings and occupancy year round

Expand your business to Yoga Retreat inquiries

Give non-surfing guests a reason to accompany their surfing partners

Boost guest experience, reviews and reputation

Stay current in the hotel industry

Differentiate yourself from your competitors who are behind and don't have yoga

People associate yoga with peace, tranquility and a trustworthy environment 

Relieve yourself of this responsibility which can be tedious and time consuming so you can focus on other aspects of your business

Classes are designed to maximize your guests vacation by keeping them healthy, energized and at peace.

For Surf Lodges: Yoga acts as preventative care plus fast muscle recovery. Allow your guests to arrive energized and leave with no injuries and no pain. They'll thank you for it.

For Unique Boutiques: People can practice yoga anywhere but they crave to do it in a unique and exotic location. Provide this space and experience for them. Plus yoga is the perfect way to start and end a day that was filled with adventures. They go hand in hand.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.33.10 AM.png
One of the things that was really fantastic about Aganoa Surf Camp was having the option to do Yoga. Going into the trip I was in such bad shape with a debilitating stiff neck...I didn’t think I’d get much surf time at all but I ended up coming out of it better than I felt when I went in. If I didn’t have those classes I don’t think I nearly would have got the amount of time in the water as I did. I got to surf 5 to 6 hours every day!
— Chris, Australia
I want options on my vacation and was so happy there was yoga in addition to amazing surf! I took class everyday and really enjoyed my time. Having yoga will definitely keep me coming back there instead of going to a place that doesn’t offer it.
— Anna Z, USA


Whether it's a one time placement, an annual partnership or taking over the responsibility of an already established yoga offering, our specialty is placing the right yogi for your resort environment whether it be a surfing resort or unique boutique. 

  • Discuss your needs and expectations

  • Hand select the right yoga teachers for your resort

  • Manage the schedule of your incoming/outgoing yoga teachers

  • Frequently check-in for quality assurance

  • Yoga consulting and advice

  • Available off-site to ensure your satisfaction



We are passionate and well connected in the yoga industry

We've taught in these environments before and we know what works

We do our best to find you a yogi/ni that leads their own retreats or is planning to in the future. By having them teach for you they experience your resort and are more likely to bring their future business to you.

Surf Resorts: Our Yogi's will understand the surf mentality and surf themselves. They'll team up with your surf guide to keep guests entertained. They schedule around the tides, speak surfer and can make yoga accessible and enjoyable for them

Unique Boutiques: Our Yogi's will be comfortable with traveling far and wide to experience adventurous places. They will be great hosts, making your guests feel safe and welcome by encouraging them to book tours and excursions.

Our yogi's become a part of your Guest Relations Team and are excited to help out around the resort.

We will get you what you want. A yogi? Definitely. SUP Yoga & Pilates? You got it. A massage therapist? We can do that too! We listen and will deliver what you request.


We like everyone to be happy and have a life changing experience: Your business, your guests, the yoga teacher, our business... it should feel good and we take pride in creating partnerships that reflect that.





Yoga is too 'spiritual' for the type of guests my resort attracts.

No surfer wants to chant "Om" and sink into a blank state-of-mind when there is perfect surf! That is why finding the right teacher with the right background and personality is imperative for the success of yoga in any surf environment. We have discussed with resort management these common misconceptions and we both agree there needs to be a special type of yogi for the surfer. GYS can connect these yogi's to your resort.

We've tried it. It's okay. But overall, was not successful.

Another common obstacle we have encountered are resorts that have not had a successful program implemented and therefore simply give up. That's because matching the right yoga teacher, replacing teachers in a timely manner, providing teachers with proper training and preparation and having a professional in the field of yoga overseeing and checking up on the progression of the process is usually lacking. Many Surf/Yoga Retreat inquiries are also missed out on because they don't have a representative who is knowledgable on these clients needs and expectations. Without someone managing all of that, it can be very hard to sustain a successful and consistent yoga offering. That's where GYS can help. By outsourcing these responsibilities to GYS your yoga program can become successful and stress free on your end.

Will Yoga get in the way of the resorts reputation?

Any serious athlete knows the benefits of taking care of their body and mental health. Yoga and surfing are activities that go hand-in-hand and will only benefit the surfer giving them an opportunity to start their trip with ease and have them leave without over exerted, fatigued or injured bodies due to the hours upon hours of surfing. Businesses who are concerned that yoga will 'ruin' their reputation do not yet realize themselves the benefits however this is quickly changing all over the world and it is now becoming an expectation to have yoga and other leisurely activities offered in any vacation setting.

Will these types of yoga classes that are suitable for our surfers be suitable for our non-surfing guests?

GYS will find you the right type of teacher who are able to make adjustments, modifications and read the energy of your guests. They will be able to lead a class that is clearly designed to help the surfer prepare for their session without any inclination of 'yoga' at all. They will also have the skill to lead a more traditional class with meditation, candles, beautiful music and incense. They will adjust to your guests' and the resorts needs.

What exactly do you mean by Yoga Workshops and Activities?

Your yoga teacher will have activities up their sleeve if and when needed. Depending on their own personal training and unique skills they can offer activities such as pilates/barre class, SUP Yoga, workshops such as Intro to Meditation, Handstands, etc... If you happen to have a group that brought their wives and kids who do not surf, your yoga teacher will be able to provide extra activities to keep them engaged and happy. If there happens to be no surf or bad conditions, you just gave your guests something to take their minds off it and to keep them occupied until conditions clear up. We've found "Beer-Asana" to be a favorite when conditions are not ideal. Plus it's great for your bar sales!

Not a Surf Lodge but want to add yoga to your business?

GYS truly believes the combination of yoga and surfing to be extremely theraputic for the mind, body and soul however we have also worked in many other environments (Corporate, Boutique Hotels, Wellness Centers, etc). We are well connected with the Yoga community and can help bring yoga to your business. We'll discuss your needs and expectations to find the right fit for you. Send us an email and we'll get started!

Still not sure?   

More and more people are expecting to have yoga available as a part of their vacation experience, especially when one goes to tropical and breath-taking locations or wants to bring their partners. We find yoga to be like having a massage therapist on the premises. When the guest knows there is a massage therapist on site their experience is heightened and they feel good knowing there is that option whether they take it or not. It may be the reason why a guest chooses one resort over the other. It does not hurt having the massage therapist on site but creates more opportunity for the resort to make money and gives the guest a positive experience. Same goes with yoga. You really can't go wrong.

About Jenna

The yogini behind the business


Jenna decided to start her own business when she was in high demand to teach yoga at different surf resorts all over the world but was unable to be at two places at once! However she knew who to plug in and how to make yoga accessible to the unique breed of humans known as surfers! Jenna is well connected and respected within the yoga community and knows qualified, passionate and surf-loving teachers.  She has traveled and taught extensively, experienced several surf resorts and has led numerous retreats and yoga programs. Yoga, surfing and travel have brought so much joy to her life. Joining these passions and offering other yoginis and resorts this life-changing experience has fulfilled her in many more ways than one. When she is not busy teaching, surfing or plugging in teachers, she enjoys traveling the world, pursues an acting career and writes music and literature.

Previous Surf Resorts(complete list per request):

Encanta La Vida (Costa Rica), Matanivusi Surf Resort (Fiji), Tavarua (Fiji), Namotu Island (Fiji), Aganoa Surf Lodge (Samoa), Two Brothers Surf Camp (Nicaragua), Magnific Rock Popoyo(Nicaragua), SUYO (Nicaragua).