Whatever you are, be all there.

Serua Rights, Fiji

“Yoga and surfing changed my life. I truly believe the combination of the two are therapeutic for your mind, body and soul.”

Jenna travels the world teaching yoga and continues to deepen her own practice. Playfulness, humor and reminders of self-acceptance are always present when taking her classes. She understands the mental and physical restrictions of tight or hyper-mobile bodies and is excited to introduce new ways to deepen one's practice and build strength while still protecting the body.  Jenna is an artist and avid surfer and feels that surfing, performing and yoga all have something in common:

"They can never be conquered because they are constantly evolving and changing. They always offer something new to discover, keeps my ego in check and makes me feel alive. The only thing they ask of me is that I give my best. They are a constant reminder of how it feels to be happy. "


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Jenna is an international yoga teacher. She loves to move however she believes yoga is more than just a physical practice. The Chakra System has brought her more love and understanding of self than she ever anticipated and she looks forward to sharing it with you.

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