“One of the things that was really fantastic about Aganoa Surf Camp was doing Yoga with Jenna. The fact she surfed herself was great in that she knew exactly what needed to be stretched and loosened up. Going into the trip I was in such bad shape with a debilitating stiff neck...I didn’t think I’d get much surf time at all but I ended up coming out of it better than I felt when I went in.  If I didn’t have her classes I don’t think I nearly would have got the amount of time in the water as I did.  I got to surf 5 to 6 hours every day! Thanks very much Jenna! Cheers!”
— Chris, 44 Australia
After nonstop surfing my body was in desperate need of some shoulder restoration and Jenna knew exactly what to do to heal my body. I would absolutely recommend her classes!
— Hannah, 26 Nicaragua
Jenna’s bubbly, encouraging and joyful nature shines bright! During my vacation I took both her Cardio Barre and Yoga classes. Jenna has an amazing ability to ensure everyones personal needs are met and I always felt encouraged to have a go at new positions or moves without fear of making a mistake or not keeping up with the rest of the class. I especially appreciated Jenna’s depth of knowledge about the body. I highly recommend her classes!
— Dr. Kathryn Berry, Clinical Psychologist, Australia
Amamamazing! Jenna made everyone feel like it was okay to be vulnerable, but also very mindful of everyone’s comfort level the entire time. This retreat allowed me to connect with myself in a way that was previously lacking. I would do another retreat with Jenna in a heart beat!
— Jessica, 28 San Francisco. Exploring the Chakras Yoga Retreat
Jenna’s style of yoga is the best I’ve ever taken. She has a way with making her students feel relaxed and rejuvenated while still sneaking in a great workout! I’ve recently had shoulder and knee surgery and she helped my body feel so much better. Truly an amazing teacher. Thanks Jenna!
— Samira, 62 San Francisco
“Jenna was an absolute pleasure to have onsite as a yoga instructor at Aganoa Surf Lodge Samoa. Not only were her classes exciting, fun and peaceful but her presence around the resort in general was great. She connects with everyone and her enthusiasm for yoga radiates throughout her friendly personality, making her a perfect addition to anyone’s onsite staff. She put 110% in every aspect of her time at Aganoa. I highly recommend Jenna Davi as a very positive addition to any work crew and an amazing teacher to have at any resort.”
— Alex Pundyk, VP of Operations, Pegasus Lodges & Resorts

Past Life Regression

“My experience ended up being an out-of-this-world, magical one. Apart from bringing me profound clarity and insight - which allowed me to clearly answer any questions I had about myself and life at the beginning - i also got to visit past lives! It was truly amazing. With the help of her gentle and kind guidance Jenna helped me reach a state of deep silence and peace.
— Jana, 26 Baja Mexico
“Truly amazing. This experience was very relevant and I can see the connection it made with my life as it is today. I would recommend getting a past life regression with Jenna. She was professional, articulate with her communication and above all sincere! Thank you again Jenna!”
— Tonia, 60 California